Welcome to InEx Group of Companies

Repacking and other toll packing needs, warehousing, transportation, as well as recycling of returned goods are functions that a specialist can do better than most companies can. We at InEx are committed to developing professional partnerships with our clients that foster the need for us to independently shoulder the logistics responsibility.

By filling the gap between capacities and resources, InEx enables companies to focus on what they do best - running their companies and growing their core business. In turn, we help companies shrink time, inventory, and cost. In time, your alliance with InEx will prove to be a critical element of your strategy to transform logistics into an improved and sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

Story of Growth

Established in 1997, InEx started it’s business by assisting companies dispose of excess materials and other non-moving inventories. Since then, it has expanded rapidly into one of the country’s fastest growing logistics and supply chain service provider for various manufacturing companies in the Philippines. Today, it has focused it’s main line on the field of logistics services. In addition to manufacturing support, InEx provides warehousing, inventory management and transportation.